We believe everyone can learn how to use technology

We are a team of 14 Apple experts from Norway, making the world's best online courses in Mac, iPad and iPhone. We believe everyone can improve their technological skills and learn how to better use their Apple products, regardless of age or past technical experience.

It all started back in Norway in 2012, when Henrik worked as a sales person at an Apple Premium Reseller.

Some of the people behind ACO


Henrik Ruud

CEO and Founder


Herman Halvorsen

IT and development


Magnus Mysen Holm

Communication and Support


Ludwig Gjendemsjø

Marketing and sales


Martin Fossedal

Customer Service


Håkon Røsten

Accounting and Finance

Our expertise and some of our many Apple Certifications 

Many of us have worked in Apple Premium Resellers, Apple Care Support and other Apple-related companies. We're also Apple Certified in many ways, these are some of them:
- Apple Support Professionals
- Apple Product Professionals
- Apple Sales Professionals
- iOS Technical Support tier 1 & 2
- CPU Technical Support tier 1 & 2
- iTunes Store Support tier 1
- Account Security tier 1 & 2
... and many more!


More about our history

Customers often needed help understanding how they could use all these fantastic products, but Henrik's job was not to teach - only to sell them more products.

Eventually, he became responsible for teaching courses at the store, mostly teaching older customers who had limited experience with Apple products how to get more use and enjoyment out of them.

With high goals, aiming for a career with McKinsey & Company, he enrolled in the Business Administration Programme at BI Norwegian Business School. This is where he met Magnus and Martin. Alongside our studies, we created online courses for Apple products while also helping people and small businesses realise their full potential. With more and more users and amazingly positive feedback, we decided to go all in.

Today we have over 50,000 Norwegians in our community and are providing them with valuable courses, tips and personal support every month.

In December 2015 we first launched our international courses. Our goal is simply to create the best online courses for Apple products in the world.

What makes us get out of bed every morning is helping people get what we call "aha-experiences" where they understand more about technology, their Apple-products and how to use them.

We hope you enjoy our free training and premium online courses.

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