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Finder and file management

ACO - Finder file - intro from Eplehjelp on Vimeo.
ACO - Finder file - intro from Eplehjelp on Vimeo.

Finder and file management

Finder is “the heart of the Mac”. Every single file on your Mac is stored in the Finder; hence it is one of the most important programs and concepts to have total control over. Unfortunately most people don’t.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about Finder.

Perfect for beginner and intermediate Mac-users.

1hr 10min

12 lessons

Q & A

Learning Guarantee

Course lessons

The Finder - overview

6 min

Saving documents and files

6 min

The Homefolder

6 min

The Sidebar

7 min

The Toolbar

10 min

Searching the Mac

7 min

The Menu bar

8 min

Shortcuts, Aliases and Links

7 min

Folders and the optimal Finder structure

4 min

Files and File-tips

5 min

The Library Folder

3 min

The end

1 min



Henrik Ruud

With more than 6 years experience with one-to-one-tutoring and group courses, partly at the biggest Apple-retailer in the Nordics, Henrik's teaching philosophy and approach is logical and easy to follow with focus on one key element: helping you to try and fail to learn and enjoy your Mac. That's one of the reasons online courses are brilliant. You can learn at your very own pace just when it suits you. In addition, you can come back in 1 week or 2 years to repeat what you've missed. Pretty brilliant!