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Tidy and clean your Mac

Learn to remove large and unnecessary files, tidy up your system, and make everything run faster and smoother. Cleaning your Mac will not only make your Mac faster, but will also your Mac a longer lifespan.

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Keyboard shortcuts

You can use countless keyboard shortcuts on your Mac. This course will teach you the most important ones that will make you much more efficient.

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Apple Mail

Apple Mail can often be overwhelming with countless of unread emails and spam. We are getting into mailboxes, attachments general use.

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Backup and Security

Few things are worse than spilling coffee on your Mac without a backup of your content. This course teaches you how to use Time Machine to do exactly this; fast and simple.

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Dropbox course

Dropbox is a well-known cloud service that has been around for several years. For many people, this is the default file sharing service with its easy to use interface.

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