I forgot my username

Your username is the e-mail address you registered when you signed up. If you have any troubles, contact support@icoursesonline.com.

I forgot my password

You can reset your password by following the instructions on the reset password page.

How long do I have access to the courses?

If you have an active membership, you have access to the courses for 12 months after the date you signed up.

What is the price of a membership?

You can learn more about our memberships on the pricing page.

How do I start a course?

To start a course, you must:

1. Log in with your email address and password

2. Go to Courses in the menu

3. Choose the course you want to watch

4. Click "Start this course"

How do I log in?

Use your email address and your password on the login page to log in.

I can’t watch the courses

To watch the courses, you must have an active membership. Make sure that you are logged in to take a course.