We teach and help thousands of Apple users monthly - here are some of their thoughts

"Thank you, Henrik. Video 1 was very helpful as I am just learning my way around the MAC. I am grateful for your thorough, logical aproach."

Judy ShearsJudy Shears via Facebook.

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"Very helpful. I hesitate to explore if I don't know what will happen. This gave me confidence."

Maria JohnsMaria Johns via Facebook.

"Very informative, I learn quite a few things today. Thank you. By the way your english is very clear, no problem with the accent."

Gilberto SilvaGilberto Silva via Facebook.

"Very informative. I learned some great things. Can you send me a link to your site, I Will search for more videos. You are a great teacher."

Michelle DeslauriersMichelle Deslauriers via Facebook.

"Awesome! I have had my mac for 5 years and am just learning about launchpad and mission control. Thanks so much for sharing this."

Wendy B McLainWendy B McLain via Facebook.

"Thank you so much for doing these videos. I've recently switched from MS to Apple and at 68 yrs of age it's been a learning curve. Thanks again!!"

Donna TryonDonna Tryon via Facebook.

"Very helpful. Every little explanation is made so easy. English is getting better and better!"

Joan ReedyJoan Reedy via Facebook.

"Great courses, helped me out. Even for me being a pc guy and new to Mac. Easy to follow."

Byron James GangByron James Gang via Facebook.

"Please, I would love more courses! I am a newbe and this was great help for me. No problem with speech or speed, I can watch over and over to take it all in. Thank you!"

Brenda GriffinBrenda Griffin via Facebook.

"Thank you. The information is clear. I look forward to more classes and the ability to ask specific questions about our Macs!"

Barbara BennettsBarbara Bennetts via Facebook.

"These courses were excellent. I would recommend them to anyone who has an Apple. I already emailed my friend you just got a new Mac. You do need to talk a little biut slower."

Curt DobsonCurt Dobson via Facebook.

"It was very interesting-the little things I never knew. Watching again tomorrow night. Thanks"

Karla JohnsonKarla Johnson via Facebook.

"Long time Apple user with an older iMac learned some great new tips. Thank you"

Jane SmithJane Smith via Facebook.

"Wow, lots of good stuff here especially the split screen and extra desktop views. Thanks for these videos, awesome."

Dorothy SudingDorothy Suding via Facebook.

"These are great!!! Thanks again!"

Christy GillespieChristy Gillespie via Facebook.

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"Very good. The Norwegian accent is very pleasing, reminds me of my visit to Norway in the mid-1980s. I'll probably use shortcuts more often now."

Raymond Gene RobertsRaymond Gene Roberts via Facebook.

"Great course. Perfect speed, love the accent."

Lynda Gilbert DeFieldLynda Gilbert DeField via Facebook.

"These are great!! Thank you for offering them. I would recommend these to anyone new or old to Mac. Your accent did not bother me. Please continue to make these."

Christie Pendleton UnderwoodChristie Pendleton Underwood via Facebook.

"Wonderful. Looking forward to more!"

Cyndi KinneyCyndi Kinney via Facebook.

"He is good ,accent is not a problem,informative learning video hope I remember all,just have to do hand's on."

Heidi GutierrezHeidi Gutierrez via Facebook.

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